How do I sell my excess equipment?

Send your list of equipment to Keane Machines via e-mail, fax or phone. Some equipment we can purchase for stock. Equipment that we cannot purchase directly, we will represent for sale to our extensive list of customers. We utilize, phone, fax, e-mail and this homepage to spread the word about your equipment.

Once we find a buyer, we will negotiate a price, arrange shipping and payment, and issue a purchase order for the equipment.

How can I find spare parts and systems?

Give us a call/fax/e-mail with your shopping list. Include any part numbers, revisions, and the quantities your require. We will then check our inventory as well as our extensive list of sources for your equipment. Once we find it, we negotiate a price and go from there.

Is is safe to purchase refurbished equipment?

We offer a standard 30 day warranty with all of our equipment. With most electronics, any problems or failures almost always become evident imediatly or within a few days of implementation. Provided you install and test the equipment within the 30 day warranty period you can be pretty confident that the equipment is o.k. and will last you. If you want a longer warranty period, just ask us. It will most likely be reflected in your price.

If your equipment is not marketable, what next?

[If we can't find a buyer now, chances are that someone will buy it later. For hard to sell items, we will gladly put them on our homepage, broadcast e-mails and faxes, and put them into a database. This database contains your equipment as well as lists from hundreds of other companies. When we get requests for equipment, we look in the database. If you are the lucky winner then we'll contact you to see if you still have it available.

Others choose to donate their equipment to Schools, Churches or other non-profit organizations. The tax benefits are often the only financial returns possible with excess equipment.

How does the consignment program work?

Your excess equipment is shipped to us. We itemize, warehouse, and record each item prior to marketing them. We provide you a working list of the equipment on consignment. Once we get an offer on an item, we present you with a price that Keane Machines is willing to pay for the item. You are then free to accept or decline the offer. After an agreement is reached, you are paid for the item.

What does "refurbished" mean to me?

"Refurbished" is a general term that means, from Keane Machines perspective, that the item is not new. We, and other re-sellers, cannot legally or ethically represent, discontinued, returns, used product or scrap as "new". So, in order for you to be happy with what you get we have to define clearly what you expect to get.

Typically, refurbished goods have been used and then pulled from service for one reason or another. Typically, there are no manuals, software, etc. and the original box it came in is gone. So, if you require the manual and software or a cable, please make it clear at the time of purchase.

It is our responsibility to accurately relate to you the condition of the equipment and what you can expect to receive. So, let us know if you have a specific need and we will try to fill it.