We buy IP! Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Polycom, Shoretel

We buy used/overstock IT phones. Send us your list! sales@2keane.com 1-407-936-1310

Avaya: 9611's, 9608’s, 9508’s, 9408’s, 9621G’s, 9641G’s, 9650C’s, Partner 6/18/34D's,1692’s, B189’s  and any G series Cabinets and cards

Cisco: CP-7965G's, CP-7975G's, CP-7937G's, SPA525G's, CP-7925G’s, CP-8945’s, CP-BEKEM, CP-88xx series, CP-78xx series

Mitel: Any Backlit models (5330’s, 5330e’s, 5340’s, 5340e's etc)

Nortel: 1165's, M9316CW’s, M5316’s,  M2250’s, M5208’s,  T7208's, 2033’s, 1230’s,  and BCM50's or higher

Polycom: VVX400’s, VVX410’s,VVX401’s, VVX300’s,VVX310’s, VVX500’s, VVX501’s, VVX600’s, VVX610’s, VVX601’s, VVX add on modules,  HDX video conferencing equipment, Room Video Conferencing Equipment, Soundstation 2's (display) with power, Soundstations 2W’s. IP7000's, IP6000's 

Shoretel: IP230G's, IP560G's, IP655’s, SGt1K’s